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Jessica c:.Sloths and llamas. Progress is progress no matter how small.
Anonymous asked: good job on losing weight :-)) v proud ! ur an amazing person :'))


Aw thanks so much :) means a lot

The pictures on the left are before I lost weight I weighed 160 lbs. Now the pictures where I’m wearing blue shorts, I weigh 140 lbs exact. I’ve never been so proud of myself. I’ve always been extremely self conscious of my weight but never did anything about it. Now, I’ve never been so happy that I accomplished this. My goal weight is 135 lbs so only 5 more lbs to lose! I’m still self conscious about my weight sometimes but I’ve gained a lot of confidence! Also I made this post to REMIND people there is no easy way to lose weight. Don’t believe those diets that say you can lose 10 lbs in a week because that’s unhealthy and you will gain it all back after you stop the diet. Also don’t overdo it with the exercise because that can cause your body to not lose any weight after a short while. It took me 4 months to lost 20 lbs. I did this by eating 1,200 calories or less a day, exercising at least 4 days a week, and never letting myself slip. So many people start a diet but then go back to their old ways. I refused to allow myself to do that because I had done that so many times before. The only way I achieved losing this weight was because I exercised a healthy amount and made sure I was eating the right kind of foods. I completely cut out soft drinks and limited myself to only having a few diet drinks a week. I also cut out the junk food and replaced it with fruits. The main point I’m trying to get across is I DID NOT achieve this goal by starving myself, throwing up, or exercising excessively every day. The only way to lose weight and get in better shape is to do it the healthy way! :)

9 texts I’ll Never Send (via exceptioninq)

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3:32 AM // you’re everything to me. At least you were. I’m still trying to figure it out.

5:18 AM // god I wanted it to be you all I wanted was for it to be you please just come back

11:54 PM // she isn’t me

11:56 PM // maybe that’s why you love her so god damn much

2:28 AM // I miss you god I miss you why do you make my heart hurt like this
10:27 PM // his lips didn’t taste like yours and neither does the vodka but I’ll keep trying till it does

3:14 PM // come back

7:36 AM // I know I told you I was over it but I’m not I’m really not I’m really just in love with you

3:04 AM // what happened to you and me against the world


when you have a lot of homework and not enough time


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He’s the one I’d love to drink coffee with every morning for the rest of my life



Women’s Halloween costumes make me mad.

look at the names of the luigi one 

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